Chateau de Miserai

Bio: Miserai is a lovely early XVIIth century 12 bedroom estate near Paris with a sleeping capacity of 24 located in the heart of the Perche region of France. For those who are looking to spend their vacation in a beautiful area, this is the ideal spot to get away from the busy city life. Miserai is surrounded by pristine forests and pastures, a perfect place to go for a walk or horseback ride and enjoy Normandy's' wildlife and scenery. We have paddocks available for your horses. After a long walk, you can relax in the spa rooms' jacuzzi decorated with an imaginative jungle theme! If you decide to spend a day out in the city, Paris is conveniently a 1h30 drive away. We have a recently renovated our barn which has become the perfect venue for events such as weddings/business seminars/parties. As well as the barn, we have also renovated the interior of the house with brand new bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Please see our website below for additional details. We hope you come visit us soon! http://www.miserai.com/english/index.htm

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