Located down a dirt road about a ten minute walk from Miserai, our XVIIth century watermill is our next renovation project. Our dream is to turn this watermill into a beautiful, rustic four bedroom home available to rent in addition to the current accommodation in the Chateau and guest house.


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We want to restore the mill to its former glory by adding on a functioning mill wheel underneath the water fall situated at the side of the house. In order for the mill wheel to provide electricity, we need to calculate how many liters of water per minute are produced from the waterfall. The mill wheel would require 550 liters per minute in order to produce 100 watts of electricity. If we have any less than this, our mill wheel will have to remain purely decorative – although still a lovely addition to the charm of the mill!


Located right beside the watermill is a small barn where we plan to add four more rooms once the renovations on the mill are completed. This little mill is the ideal place to get away from everything, and have peace and quiet while you fish on the pond just in front of the house.


At your request, you can also have access to our barbecue and have a picnic in an area that makes you feel like have entered the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

2eme_cascade_au_moulin la_table_de_pique-nique_au_moulin remorque_barbecue

We will keep you updated as renovations continue, but for now I would like to ask your opinion on the color of the mill wheel…. Should it be bright red or a simple wooden, traditional wheel? Leave your comments below!

8ftpic1 Wayside_Grist_Mill