Chateau de Miserai is a lovely XVIIth century estate located in Normandy, France. The chateau and the barn have both been recently renovated in 2014 to become the idea place to host any kind of social event, including destination weddings /business seminars/birthdays etc. It is also a place you can rent out if you would like to spend a nice quiet week away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you decide to take a break from the peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding 350 acre park, Paris is conveniently a 75 mile drive away.

Miserai is  surrounded by beautiful historical sites. The medieval Château de Gannes, which was destroyed in 1428 by the British, is located alongside Miserai’s woods. Although this chateau is on private property, it can be observed from the public road. Prior authorization from the owner must be granted if you wish you walk along the grounds.

According to the legend, the surrounding swamps rendered the fortress impossible to invade. However, it owed its destruction to the duplicity of the châtelain’s daughter who fell hopelessly in love with an English captain, betraying her own people. Known as “La Dame Blanche”, this love-struck woman lowered the drawbridge for the enemy to enter the grounds, which resulted in the ruins which remain to this day. To our British guests, we say: “Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you!”

This short film was shot by young students on the property depicting the legend of “La Dame Blanche”.