Built on the slopes of a hill in the south-east Orne department of southern Normandy, the Perche’s capital town of Mortagne is located 12 miles from Miserai. With houses dating back to the middle ages, walking the medieval street of this town is like going back in time. Here, you can visit some of its historical monuments spared from destructive forces of World War II such as the Saint Francois convent, the Notre Dame church, and the Town Hall.

The Saint Francois covent was built for the Clarrisses congregation in 1505 by Margeurite de Lorraine who was the Duchess of Alencon and Countess of the Perche. Originally located outside of the city near the gallows at that time, the entrance to the cloister is now located at the hospital of Mortagne.  Inside, you will also find the chapel of the Clarrisses, built around the same time although destroyed during the revolution and restored in the 1800s. The cloister is the oldest one in the Orne department and can be accessed by following signs to the entrance of the hospital of Mortagne.

Mortagne has many shops as well as a Saturday market with local and regional products for sale.

Read more about Mortagne here : http://www.ot-mortagneauperche.fr/en/history-and-monuments

Photos of the Saint Francois Convent taken from the following website : http://www.petit-patrimoine.com/fiche-petit-patrimoine.php?id_pp=61293_6

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